5 Best but Unknown Travel Destinations in India

Travel is a mode to relax for many – a mode to get away from draining usual routines and to refresh themselves. But we do come across a crowd who wish to use travel as means of exploration, learning, and enjoyment. The Indian subcontinent is large and wide to invite the explorers who are inquisitive to unravel the unknown. Here’s suggesting a few of those unknown destinations for those bunch of exploratory minds –

List of 5 Unknown Travel Destinations in India

1. Majuli, Assam

Majuli, Assam

One of the largest wetland ecosystems of India, Majauli is the home to scenic freshwater tribal inmates and for several species of rare birds. Retaining its cultural touch with the local tribes of the region, Majauli is a picturesque island in the river Brahmaputra. The culture prevalent among the tribes occupying this 1200 sq. km island is unique and their festivals are pure joy events. Witnessing the festivities and exploring the cultural spot of Assam could be an enriching memory

2. Hemis, Ladakh

Hemis, Ladakh

If you are one of those folks who love trekking and are a wildlife explorer, then be ready to set foot on Hemis National Park. Hemis is famous for the snow leopards that roam in the wild – a sight you may not want to miss in your lifetime. Endangered species of Tibetian Wolf, and the red fox are said to be living here as well. Trekking through the snow could be cumbersome but the results that await atop will be an experience of a lifetime.

3. Chembra Peak, Wayanad

Chembra Peak, Wayanad

Lush greenery with the chilled ambiance is situated in Kerala, God’s Own Country. The main attraction of Chembra Peak is that it is the highest of the Wayanad Hills and at its peak, you get a holistic view of the entire Wayanad district. A romantic attraction to the peak is the heart-shaped lake – you may want to explore this place with the love of your life and spend time in absolute bliss.

4. Halebidu, Karnataka

Hindu Temple Halebidu Hoysala

Ruins can be a sight to devour yes, you heard us right! Halebidu is the place of Hoysala architecture, and it houses several temples and shrines that continue to attract spiritual explorers. Halebidu’s enchanting structures, even amidst ruins are best experienced during the Mahashivratri. Have spiritual inclination with the mind to explore architecture, be at Halebidu soon.

5. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Traveling as a group who has varied interests? Then, choose Tirthan Valley – from adventure sports on rivers to fishing trouts, from enjoying cold ambiance to exploring hill habitats, you have several options to choose from. Tirthan Valley remains unexplored and is a good destination for explorers who can venture into an interest of their kind. Thanks to websites that are part of the largest travel social media, places like these come to a broader spectrum.

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