5 Best Road Trip Ideas for Motorbikers in India

Road trips in India are a big hit these days. You find the generation who love to travel, both young and the old, accelerate towards exploring the destination using these road trips. Of the chosen mode of traveling, motorbikes are racing ahead because of the sheer thrill of exploration either single-handed or as groups, but an open space with the wind blowing against one’s faces. For such adventurous and travel savvy people.

Let’s Explore the 5 Best Road Trip Ideas for Motorbikers in India:

1. Manali – Leh

Route Between Manali and Leh

Motorbike’s travel journals are sure to have an account of this adventurous trip to Leh. Most of them start from Delhi and cover a longer distance through Manali – driving past the snowed mountains, swirling through the turns, and passing through magnificent valleys. The advantages of these explored routes are that there are refreshing stop points where you can relax and meet fellow travelers. Trekking is also an activity that is usually found in the region

2. Mumbai – Goa

Mumbai – Goa

Beach destinations are still sought by many motorbikers for their sheer beauty. The path to reach Goa, one of the most attractive beach destinations in India, is easier undertaken from Mumbai. Starting from Mumbai, a coastal city, and driving past Pune, the vastness of the roads promises the motorbikes a great experience with greenery and the paddy fields. The stretch can also be easily covered in a span of 2 days with ample time for relaxing and for grabbing your favorite bites in the local eateries.

3. Darjeeling – Pelling

Darjeeling – Pelling

Want to drive past tea gardens and small hills? Want to grab the most famous tea at every refreshing stop-point of your journey? Then you should be on your way from Darjeeling to Pelling to experience all those. The green tea gardens and the aroma of hot tea at relaxation points are the major attractions on this route. While entering Pelling, you can encounter a bit of roughness on the roads yet go slow and get mesmerized in the beauty of snow mountains.

4. Guwahati – Tawang

Guwahati – Tawang

A fourteen-hour journey through the beautiful Northeast regions of India, it is recommended who haven’t explored this part of the country still. There are Buddhist monasteries that can be stopped and visited on this route. Northeast regions are also famous for their diversified culture, tribal festivals, and the amazing aroma of tea. So, gear up to be get mesmerized in the beauty of tea-hills and valleys with monasteries.

5. Amritsar – Dharamshala

Amritsar – Dharamshala

This is not a frequented path but is breathtakingly beautiful when you move from the city of the Golden Temple to the white mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala’s route till Pathankot is full of well-constructed beautiful roads and assure scenic beauty in route. The view in Dharamshala is no lesser – its beauty in winters is just spell bounding.

Several other roads, such as Chennai – Yelagiri, Hyderabad – Hampi are equally engaging. To know how to get to these places and on travel ideas of fellow motorbikers, talk to them on Trotter It, a free travel journal media app. The app hosts a bandwagon of travelers who share their travel experiences, ideas, and photographs from their trip.

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