5 Most Beautiful Places in India to Visit

India is a land of beautiful landscapes – from deserts to blue coastlines, from snow-clad hills to green forests, it is a visual experience for people who travel in this vastness of the subcontinent. Being still a developing country, tourism in India is still on its growth path and several parts of the country remain unexplored. But the sole trip travelers or explorations groups have identified so many places and have shared their travel experiences in their travel journals. According to their account, these places talked below are simply surreal and give exemplary happiness and peace to anyone who visits.

Let’s Check 5 Most Beautiful Places in India to Visit

1. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Who would attribute surrealistic nature to a monastery? Yet, Spiti Valley disproves this concept – situated in the Eastern Part of Himachal Pradesh, the entire valley is famous for its monasteries. Being secluded and at a high altitude, Spiti Valley is surrounded by a natural landscape of snow-clad hills during the winter. The place is much accessible in summer and the travelers rush to it for peace and meditation. The route towards the Key Monastery in Spiti is also magnificent with breath-taking rock formations and lush mountains.

2. Majuli, Assam

Majuli, Assam

One of the largest river islands, Majuli in Assam boasts beauty in waters. It is one of those destinations that remain to be fully explored and it has recently made its way into the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The monsoons especially are very beautiful here, the weather extremely pleasant, and to top it, the cultural setup of the tribes who reside here makes the combined experience, quite surreal. A traveler on exploration to Majuli needs to go via boats from the city of Jorhat.

3. Butterfly Beach, Goa

Butterfly Beach, Goa

The love for waters and beaches is unceasing with mankind. There are people who would simply relax on the coasts, enjoy the beautiful sunset, and get gifted with the serenity that they need. Butterfly Beach in Goa surpasses these with the additional seclusion through the densely populated trees/greenery which attract butterflies. So, this travel destination is a perfect combination of nature in every form. To experience this, plan to travel with your loved ones and let them enjoy the equal joy.

4. Dal Lake, Srinagar

Dal Lake, Srinagar

Encaptivating visuals of the 26 km water body in Jammu & Kashmir, with the colorful water boats and the culturally dressed men and women, is the sight in Srinagar’s Dal Lake. The visually enriching spot is a destination for many travelers from across the world. Not just the lake, but the landscape that surrounds it, is another surreal treat to the eye.

5. Alleppey Backwaters, Kerala

Alleppey Backwaters

From God’s own country, the backwaters in Alleppey invite many nature lovers with its magic. The entire stretch of the backwaters spans 1500 km and the landscapes along the banks are lush with coconut trees. The houseboats are quite famous here among the tourists and boats also are used for transportation. Rightfully called the ‘Venice of the East, Alleppey waters are exotica to sail on.

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