5 Most Breathtaking Roads in the World to Travel On

Most travelers opt to go on road trips especially when visiting countries that have good terrains with well-built roads. Road trips are also easily facilitated by most of the countries through rental cars and related arrangements that permit the travelers to explore their passion of traveling by road.

Here are some interesting roads that road-trip travelers need to read through – it gives you a whole new view to see and plan your next road trip

1. Ruta 40, Argentina

Ruta 40, Argentina

Argentina’s Ruto 40 highway is one of the longest highways in the world. It spans 4800 km and runs alongside the Andes Mountain ranges. The road is said to also connect 20 national parks and passes within the Andes Mountains. It doesn’t just stop there, there are close to 18 rivers that this highway crosses, and hence the traveler is assured of all scenic beauty with different landscapes and water bodies to view & enjoy.

2. Chapman’s Drive, South Africa

Chapman’s Drive, South Africa

Though just a five-mile drive, Chapman’s Drive calls for some skillful and attentive driving due to the 114 curves in this short distance. The road overlooks the sea but on the towering mountainside of Africa’s terrain. The journey can be enjoyable with the picnic spots and whale-watching points that are prevalent across the travel. The coastline drive giving a view of the Atlantic Ocean from the mountains will sure be a thrilling drive and an experience of a lifetime.

3. Milford Road, New Zealand

Milford Road, New Zealand

Running through the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the Milford Road span a travel time of two hours. But in order that the road trip is well accounted for, drivers can set aside additional time to enjoy the picturesque view of the Earl Mountains and several rivers with their waterfalls. There is Mirror Lake that can be enjoyed on this trip and finally, the Milford Road ends into yet another beautiful part of New Zealand, the South Island’s Milford Sound.

4. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Ravello - The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, 80 km long, justifies being one of Europe’s breath-taking roads which travels through the pastel-painted villages of Amalfi and Positano. This is another road that traverses through the coastline – the cliff range on one side and the scenic blue of the sea on the other side of the road. A trip into the pastel villages will give you the experience of being on cobble-stoned streets. Amalfi Coast is rightfully owning a place in UNESCO’s World Heritage list due to the beauty of the road bordering the blue Tyrrhenian Sea

5. Going-to-the-sun Road, Montana, USA

Going-to-the-sun Road, Montana, USA

As beautifully named, the scenic nature of the road is well understood, when a traveler drives through this 50-mile road. The road spans the width of the Glacier National Park and cuts into the park giving the ride its visual glory. From being atop the Tundra at a few spots of the journey to the valleys that house the glacial lakes and the cedar forests, the travelers will have innumerable experiences to share in their travel journal when driven through this road.

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