5 Most Useful Travel Tips for First-Time Backpackers

Travel begins with where to go and then skips to the next big question of what to pack? Hikers, motorists, and travel groups resort to carrying backpacks that essentially are the storehouse of all that will ever be needed for a trip. Well, do we know what to take and what to leave behind? Unless you are an experienced traveler, you are short of the experience in backpacking for your travel.

Here’s giving you some quick tips so that you are guided if you are a first-time traveler & a backpacker.

1. Warmer Clothes for Winter Times

Warmer Clothes for Winter Times

Gearing up with appropriate winter wear especially if you are hiking up on mountains or planning a trip during colder times is crucial. Layer up while you travel for mountains and carry winter wear needed to keep you warm (especially if you opt to travel in motorbikes). Waterproof boots with proper winter protection will save you from extreme conditions.

2. Pack Less but Essential

Pack Less but Essential

Besides your weather gear, plan to take only what is really needed. If you are going to be on longer trips and will take days to cover your tour, then plan to carry what you will regularly wear. They can be laundered and reused. Carrying lightweight tents/ sleeping bags that can be useful to stop for night stays wherever accommodation’s a challenge, is a wise move. As part of the essential list, do not forget your documents that are essential for the travel i.e., vehicle papers, identity proofs, etc. Medical / First Aid kits also come in handy for first-time travelers.

3. Do Not Pack Heavy and Fancy Technical Gadgets

Do Not Pack Heavy and Fancy Technical Gadgets

Technology advancements permit travelers to stay connected with the world and manage their travel routes with the use of smartphones. Leave your heavy technical gadgets like laptops, tablets back at home and only travel with whatever is really needed. But be ready to interact locally as at times, the internet cannot provide answers to all your questions

4. Pick Easy Destinations to Start With

Pick Easy Destinations to Start With

Since you are a first-time traveler; it is recommended that you choose easier travel destinations and closer to home spots when planning. This allows you to explore and experience travel including the knowledge of what will be needed in travel. Connect on the travel social network with travelers of similar interests to understand how they all started.

5. Carry Food, Water for Your Trip

Carry Food, Water for Your Trip

Food and water will be the source of energy and hence packing them wisely for use during the days of inaccessibility are very important. Canned foods, biscuits, energy bars, and all nutrient-rich foods must be chosen so that one stays nourished.

The thought of backpacking for the first time for your trip can be a little overwhelming. But it is recommended to research and read through the experience of frequent travelers on travel social network websites. Most of them record their travel journal in travel social media apps like Trotter It.

Trotter It provides ways for travelers to follow each other, share interests, talk about travel tips and ideas, and upload a host of photographs to influence others.

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