5 Pro Tips for the Leh Ladakh Motorbike Trip

Recent interest among the travelers in India is to go on road trips on motorbikes – the Leh Ladakh is the dream journey route that everyone wants to try. Travelers have started to communicate on the best travel social network to research and find out the experiences of other travelers inside their country or the world at large. The shared interests of a common group or the individual thrill of being on a motorbike to drive through this challenging terrain motivate the motorbikers at large.

Here’s presenting some great road trip tips for motorbikers of what they can ensure before they start on their journey to Leh Ladakh.

1. Prepare Yourself

Prepare Yourself

I know this statement can sound trivial but do understand that this is the most extreme point to take care of. Ensure that as a motorbiker, you are prepared to handle harsh weather, rough terrains and that you are medically fit to handle the journey to Ladakh. For contingencies, always carry a first aid medical kit that can take care of any ailments that are highly probable due to the climate.

2. Plan the Route (Destination)

Plan the Route (Destination)

Wise planning on the route to reach Leh Ladakh will be an important aspect of your road trip. Motorbikers need to check out the transits, highways, and the terrain of the roads to make efficient planning. Ensure you get support for your food and hydration needs as the trip is prone to dehydrate you due to intense weather. If you doubt if you are prone to sickness due to high altitudes, take it easy on the routes and stop if fatigue sets in.

3. Equip Motorbike

Equip Motorbike

A good motorbike for these rough terrains with the appropriate performance tuned for long journeys must be your choice for the Leh Ladakh trip. Technology advancement of today has permitted the motor-bikers to leverage the use of maps / GPS. Get your motorbike fitted with the device or a provision to use your smartphone when driving (without disturbing your focus of the road). Offline maps can come in handy in terms of passing through terrains where there is no support for the internet.

4. Carry Essentials (lightweight)

Carry Essentials (lightweight)

Unlike any other trip, the Leh Ladakh needs you to carry a lot of essentials starting from tents to raincoats, from winter gear to toilet paper. However, keep it lightweight and pack them smart so that you don’t carry the unwanted burden. Not to forget that you need to carry food (biscuits, ready-to-make soups, etc.,.) and torches to handle your halts when stopping for the night. We did mention the medical kit with all first aid stocked up. Traveling as a group can help you share the carrying of the essentials and the group can camp together whenever you halt for the day.

5. Documents

Carry All Important Documents

Keep a good stack of all documents that are needed for the trip – documents relating to your motorbike, and documents that will prove your identity. This is imperative for you to obtain entry to the Rohtang Pass on this trip (past the Gulaba check post)

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