5 Proven Tips and Tricks to Travel Cheap in India

India attracts a lot of tourists all over the world and it is the second most economical destination for tourists. Yes, you heard us right! You can travel in India and spend lesser compared to almost all the other countries of the world. Nevertheless, if you don’t understand the ways of spending your travel here, you may spend more. So, here’s a sneak peek into some proven tips and tricks that can help you travel cheap in India

1. Indian Railways

Indian Railways

The subcontinent is well connected by the Indian Railways and touring major cities or towns is easily achieved by traveling with Indian Railways. Long-distance journeys that span across 2-3 days will be just 1/10th of the cost compared to traveling by a flight – this can be tried if spending time for the long journey is not a constraint. Choosing the sleeper class over Air-Conditioned classes for your train journeys, during winter/monsoon times can save you a great deal of money. Shorter trips can just be done through hitchhiking or traveling with groups with like-minded interests – you can save on costs there too!

2. Accommodation


When choosing the place of stay during your trips, don’t get carried away by luxury suites or rooms of star-rated hotels. Comparatively, the hostels and backpacker hotels give you the comfort of hygienic rooms and at lower costs. If you are a mountain person and tour mainly through trekking, then opt for carrying tents. Dormitories and Shared rooms in hotels can also pave the way to cost savings when you are traveling as a group. Read about the best accommodation facilities through the travel journal of tourists or their reviews available in the travel social network.

3. Local Food / Local Transport

Local Food Local Transport

Food and transport while traveling through the cities and towns are other areas to spend on your travel. Dhabas and restaurants offer good food at nominal rates, and these are places where a majority of the local crowd frequent. For the transportation within the town/ city, opt in to travel by buses, metros and any other means of public transport compared to cabs or taxis. You will appreciate the cost savings that you get by traveling via public transport.

4. Off-Season Travels

Off-Season Travels

In India, all prices shoot to sky-high levels during the peak tourist seasons – right from accommodation, food to travel. So, making your travel plan during off-season times can save a good deal of money. Also, crowded, or much-frequented travel destinations, especially during the peak season times can be a place to lose a lot of money in thefts. Hence avoid such inconveniences that turn out to be bad travel memories.

5. Earn Through Travel

Earn Through Travel

Several financial institutions offer travel cards that help you earn points or cashback while you spend. These can translate into amounts that can help to fuel your trips and get discounts on food/ accommodation. Blogging and documentary about your trips on travel social media apps or websites earn you followers and benefits. Travel vlogging can also earn you some quick bucks if you have a good number of followers.

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