List of 5 Things to do in Dubai

Planning to spend a vacation in Dubai, here we have suggested the five things to do in Dubai, you must be wanting details of locations where you can spend some wonderful moments and create memories of being in Dubai. Have a look at the travel activities you can do in Dubai.

Dubai is a lively city and it is known for both day and nightlife. In the daytime, you can experience the gleaming amenities of a modern metropolis and during the night you can enjoy the authentic food at rocking night parties. During the daytime you can visit the top destinations of Dubai, remember! It has every worth visiting, even if you are least interested in architecture and night to can spend in the dessert.

5 Things to Do in Dubai:-

1. Burj Khalifa Night Show

Burj Khalifa Night Show

Burj khalifa’s night show is a world-famous laser-led light show and if you are downtown in Dubai, so don’t miss the chance to see Burj khalifa’s night show, It is a celebration of wealth, blessing, and love. This is the landmark of Dubai and the most famous in the world. This is the tallest building in the world and now all the floors of this building are accessible. You can get inside this building to have a mesmerizing view of the city from the height of 828 meters. The total height of the Burj khalifa till the tip is 830 meters.

2. Arabian Desert Safari

Arabian Desert Safari

Your trip to Dubai is incomplete until you experience the emirate majesty. You can experience this on Arabian safari. Lots of options are there to spend some time or a night there, and you can experience the desert and the surrounding area taking a camel ride.

3. Enjoy Waterpark at Atlantis

Waterpark at Atalntis

Remember the waterpark of Dubai is not just another waterpark, you would be thrilled to see the rides here. The finest part about this waterpark is you can watch the aquatic creatures swimming freely and enjoying with you.

4. Ski In Dubai

Ski In Dubai

If you love to ski and think Dubai would not have this in the city, then you are wrong. The city has first-rate indoor ski. Ski here has five levels of difficulties and thus attracts the skiers of different skills from all over the world. Dubai has witnessed a sharp increase in tourism after the opening up of this ski resort.

5. Cruise Trip

Cruise Trip Dubai

After traveling the whole day take a deep breath and come to the cruise line of Dubai, which offers an exciting cruise trip. It is the world’s finest and will give some unforgettable moments. Dubai has only two weather, hot and hotter. The best time to visit the city is between November to March.

This is the list of the top 5 things to do in Dubai, Let us know which one is your favorite. And don’t forget to download the Trotter It app a top & best travel journal app for dedicated travelers.

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