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best peaceful places in the world

The best and most peaceful places in the world for lovers of quietude

We all love adventure and some adrenaline rush occasionally, but sometimes we also need to recharge and relax. It is natural to feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed at times because being an adult is patience-testing and exhausting. So, a dose of nature is the best therapy to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. Here is […]
Lotus Temple the best peaceful places in Delhi

The best peaceful places in Delhi to escape the crowd and unwind

Finding peace and quiet in the city of Delhi might appear to be a difficult task as it is forever buzzing with sights and sounds, and people are always in a rush to reach their destinations. The craziness can be exciting at times, but occasionally we all need some quietude, a dose of nature to […]
best islands in the Maldives

The best islands in the Maldives – Enjoy a romantic and luxurious stay

If there is paradise on Earth, it is in the Maldives. A beautiful destination, Maldives consists of more than 1000 coral islands and has emerged as a popular tourist spot. If you wish to experience a luxurious stay with your partner, you’ll find many picturesque islands to choose from. Since options are many, we have […]
cheapest countries to travel to from India

Cheapest yet exquisitely beautiful foreign destinations to travel from India

Who doesn’t love globetrotting? But, at the same time, it can also be expensive. This is the reason why many Indians often shy away from planning foreign trips, assuming that it’ll cost them a fortune. So, we have prepared a list of countries you can easily visit from India without digging a hole in your […]
best places to bungee jumping in India

The best places to bungee jumping in India – enjoy the thrill at height

When your inner kid is always ready for a thrilling adventure, stop lazing around at beaches. Sometimes you need to look at this beautiful world from a different perspective. Then only you can feel the thrill of bungee jumping. If you really want to know how this sport has been growing with every passing year […]
best places for paragliding in India

The best places for paragliding in India – A treat to adventure seekers

Do you still think that sky is the limit? Human has already captured sea and land. They are envious of birds, a beautiful feathered creature that can fly. But forget these 1900’s thoughts and enjoy the innovations. If you envision flying and looking for an escape from this monotonous office world, then the best places […]
best places to bungee jumping in the world

Craziest and the best places to bungee jumping in the world

Do you want to conquer your fear of heights? Take a deep breath, make a silent prayer, and jump. Feel the air passing through your hair while you go down at a crazy speed. Suddenly you start feeling flying upwards when the attached rope recoils. Do you want to feel this thrill of bungee jumping? […]
best places for rafting in world

5 Best places for rafting in the world – Don’t miss these must-visit sites

Adventure lovers should try water rafting at least once in a life. This is how many passionate river lovers were born. The awe-striking beauty of the surroundings amplifies the sensation. All of a sudden, you start feeling the vibrancy of life. River rafting is the ultimate escape from this humdrum world that allows you to […]
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