Best Forest Places To Visit In Kerala in 2022

If you are a forest lover, don’t miss one of the most well-preferred destinations in Kerala, India, also famous as god’s own country. This scenic beauty of these forests and wildlife sanctuaries with varieties of flora and fauna will help you to explore some of the incredible habitats of birds and animals. While exploring the best forest places to visit in Kerala, travelers usually start with UNESCO World Heritage sites. Let’s follow this rule and check out these well-preserved natural beauties in Kerala.

1. Agasthyakoodam

Agasthyakoodam, one of the highest peaks available in Kerala, is famous for bird watching and trekking. This awe-striking home of plants, animals, and birds is named after the renowned sage Agastya. The wildlife office is available at Thiruvananthapuram. Don’t forget to get your forest pass if you want to enjoy trekking. Don’t worry! Online booking is also available.

This one is considered one of the best forest places to visit in Kerala for many reasons. Keep in mind that this whole trekking is quite risky. So you have to prove yourself to be physically fit to enjoy this adrenaline rush. This entire place is full of rare plants that are used in medicine as well. You have to reach Bonacaud, a natural scenic beauty, to start your trekking journey.

Visit this place between November and April. The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, and the nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station.

2. Periyar Tiger Reserve

One of the exquisite and the best forest places to visit in Kerala, Thekkady, is surrounded by a serene lake and lush green forest. This is also the home of rare species of birds, reptiles, animals, and plants. When you walk through the dense forest paths, you will encounter these species. Apart from that, the main attractions are elephants and tigers available in Periyar National park.

Elevate your adventurous journey with deep jungle safaris, enjoy trekking and camping with friends. Keep in mind that this amazing destination is full of animals, including Nilgirilangurs, elephants, flying squirrels, bison, different types of birds, etc. While these wildlife explorations will give you a thrilling experience, this scenic beauty and the experience of eco-tourism will make your soul full of joy and peacefulness.

You can visit this place between June to September. Otherwise, you can visit between October to February. The nearest airport is Kochi International Airport and Madurai Airport, while Kottayam railway station will be the nearest railway station.

3. Munnar Deep Forest

This densely large forest, Munnar Deep Forest, is located amidst the hills of Western Ghats. The home of the famous Eravikulam National park, Munnar is famous as one of the best forest places to visit in Kerala. This National park gives protection to various rare species of Neelakurinji and NilgiriTahr.

The eco-diversity of this evergreen forest will definitely impress you. The beautiful hills, grasslands, and shrublands create a breathtaking view. The unique blend of diverse ecosystems, flora, and fauna and its beauty attracts many mountain lovers across the world. Muthuvans, the local Tribes, and the forest department of Kerala protect this place.
The right time to visit this place is from September to November and again from April to June. That’s because the national park will be closed during heavy monsoon season. The nearest airport and the nearest railway stations are Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore Railway Station, respectively.

4. Nelliyampathy Hills

One of the greatest districts in Kerala, Palakkad, is famous for its ecological diversity. Here you will find one of the best forest places to visit in Kerala, Nelliyampathy. Nature lovers adore the stunning panoramic view of this destination, available above 1500 meters from sea level. Adventure seekers love to go on height while enjoying significant attractions like Pothundy Dam.

The best part is this place is not so crowded as others. Along with the serenity of these sites, you can also enjoy an exotic range of picaresque landscapes, tea plantations, orange plantations, cliffs, rocks, and beautiful rainforest regions. This is also the home of diverse insects and birds. Say goodbye to your boring laptops and calm your mind and soul by enjoying the richness of Western Ghats.

The right time to visit this place is from September to February, and the nearest airport and railway station are Coimbatore International Airport and Palakkad Railway Station, respectively.

5. Kannavam Reserve Forest

This vast green beautiful forest is available in the Kannur district near Thalassery. If you want to explore the remote places, you can visit the forests available on the unique Western Ghats’ outskirts. Start your journey from the breathtaking village of Elapeedika and enjoy the serenity and calmness of the environment.

At the starting of this trek, the most beautiful butterflies named Malabar Trim Nymph will welcome you with their beauties. After that, the scenery of Areekkayam Manikkundu waterfalls will amaze you. This forest is the most prominent witness of the rich history and integrity of Kerala. If you want to know more about Pazhassi Raja’s era, you have to visit the Thodeekalam Temple and VelumbathMakham Mosque.

You can visit the Kannavam reserve forest throughout the year. The nearest airport is Kannur International airport, and the nearest railway station is Thalassery Railway Station.

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