10 Best Places for Rafting in the world – Don’t miss must visit these sites

Adventure lovers should try water rafting at least once in their life. This is how many passionate river lovers were born. The awe-striking beauty of the surroundings amplifies the sensation. All of a sudden, you start feeling the vibrancy of life. River rafting is the ultimate escape from this humdrum world that allows you to explore some of the best rivers available on the earth. If you want to enjoy this exhilarating experience, you should check out this list right away. We have rounded up the 10 best places for rafting in the world. Are you excited? Then without wasting much time, let’s start.

1. Colorado River

rafting in colorado river

Colorado River in the USA is spread across 277 miles and embraced the parts of Northern Arizona. It’s a must-visit place to enjoy the quintessential river rafting experience. With calm, picturesque stretches, powerful rapids, it has become one of the best places for rafting in the world.

Enjoy the unique and breathtaking view of the Colorado River and hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and adventurous drylands that will sometimes remind you of India’s beauty. You need at least two weeks to explore and enjoy delightful sports games.

2. Zambezi River

rafting in zambezi river

Zambezi River in Zimbabwe is also famous for its nickname river of life. One of the largest rivers in Southern Africa, Zambezi flows through six different countries and supports millions of homes and people. Water rafting is known as “Slam-bezi” here. Its powerful rapids, massive swells, and dramatic drops unmistakably give you an adrenaline rush.

Only courageous dudes can soak this thrill. While enjoying, don’t forget to keep your eye on hippos, elephants, and crocodiles. You should also take classes and training for white water rafting before jumping into this adventure trip.

3. North Johnstone River

Rafting in North Johnstone River

North Johnstone River in Australia is spread through untouched rainforest and volcanic gorges. You can enter this site only by helicopter, and it can take six days to descend this whole site. Discover the plethora of comfortable composites, and the best part is helicopter will pick you and drop you during your travel along this beautiful river.

You should witness the beauty of night view. It’s simply breathtaking. When you see luminous fungi on the rocks and the dance of fireflies, you cannot back to your room, leaving this awe-striking beauty of nature behind.

4. Middle Fork

Rafting in Middle Fork

North America’s one of the best places for rafting, Middle Fork of the beautiful Salmon River is a wilderness area. This 104-mile journey will help you to witness some spectacular views like snow-capped peaks, lovely thick forests, and so on.

If you are a beginner and looking for some great adventure, don’t miss the Tunnel Chute. This underground area where the river flows through a narrow chute will give you a similar adrenaline rush.

5. Futaleufú River

Rafting in Futaleufu River

Fataleufú River in Chile, South America, is a white water legend. Exploding water feed from Andrea’s mountain glaciers, this stunning scenery, and the famous Grand Canyon’s outstanding rapids turn it into a must-visit site. How can you forget the blue hue of the famous Caribbean Sea?

This river is perfect for both advanced and beginner rafters. You can also enjoy river camps, warm showers, hot tubes and so on. Horseback riding and rock climbing should be your following outdoor activities after enjoying white water rafting.

6. Magpie River

Magpie River Rafting

Magpie River is situated in Quebec, allowing you to explore Magpie falls, exceptionally secluded forests, and breathtaking wildlife. Besides this, you also get an exotic view of the wonders of aurora borealis. As soon as you start rafting in Magpie River, the rapids become more active, and your rafting experience becomes more and more adventurous.

7. Noce River

Noce River Rafting

Noce River is one of the best rafting destinations in Europe, comprising the melting glaciers of Brenta Dolomites. As per the reports, this river churns out nearly Grade III-V Rapids throughout the summers and winters. While rafting in the Noce River, you can enjoy the sheer cliffs, and the river starts thundering near the Sun Valley. You can complete your rafting journey in the Noce River which takes 24 hours.

8. Kali Gandaki

Kali Gandaki Rafting

The name Kali Gandaki means the goddess of destruction in Hinduism. This river starts from the higher range of the Himalayas through one of the earth’s deepest ravines named Annapurnas. Rafting in Kali Gandaki is suitable for both amateurs and experienced rafters. While cruising Kali Gandaki, you’ll experience Grade IV rapids, numerous snow-covered mountains, temples, and some white beaches. The best time to visit Kali Gandaki is March to April and mid-October to mid-December.

9. Rio Pacuare

Rio Pacuare Rafting

Rio Pacuare is one of the best rafting rivers globally, which passes through Costa Rica’s Cabecar Indian Reservation rainforest, where numerous wild animals like leopards, monkeys, tropical birds, jaguars, and gorillas reside.

While rafting in Rio Pacuare, you’ll experience Grade III and Grade IV rapids. Usually, you’ll find many rafting operators in Costa Rica for rafting in Rio Pacuare so that you can choose accordingly.

10. Chilko River

Chilko River Rafting

The 75km long Chilko River in British Columbia is famous for its never-ending series of Class IV rapids. It seems to be quite fun and adventurous and full of entertainment. However, rafting in the Chilko River is quite challenging and time-consuming too. You’ll hardly have any time to skip the strings of Class IV rapids while rafting in the Chilko River.


Rafting has already become one of the most popular activities in the world. So if you are getting bored in your home, don’t miss these best places for rafting in the world. Keep in mind that anyone can enjoy this human-powered eco-friendly activity, and it will still dominate the must-do list of travelers in the summer.

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