Craziest and the Best Places to Bungee Jumping in the World

Do you want to conquer your fear of heights? Take a deep breath, make a silent prayer, and jump. Feel the air passing through your hair while you go down at a crazy speed. Suddenly you start feeling flying upwards when the attached rope recoils. Do you want to feel this thrill of bungee jumping? Well, we must admit that these adventure sports have come a long way.

It was started by three men in 1979 when they jump from England’s Clifton suspension bridge. They ended up spending nights in jail.

But in today’s time, this thrilling sport is absolutely and widely accepted. They maintain robust safety norms. If you are a passionate and courageous adventure seeker and looking for the best places to bungee jumping in the world, check out this list right now.

1. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

bungee jumping Verzasca Dam Switzerland

It’s time to test your courageous jumping nerves. If we say you have to jump from the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland at night, will you be able to savor the thrill? It’s 220 meters, by the way.

When the floodlights get attached to the moonlight, it creates a mesmerizing view. But you need to be lionhearted to jump off this height at night.

2. Macau Tower, China

bungee jumping Macau Tower, China

Whenever we talk about Macau, what comes to your mind first? Casinos and gambling, isn’t it? This time forget those slot machines and enjoy some real thrill of bungee jumping.

This is where Alan John, an entrepreneur from New Zealand, made the Guinness Book of World record by jumping from 233 meters in the year 2007. Do you have that much courage to beat this world record? Let’s do it!

3. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Bungee Jump Bloukrans Bridge South Africa

Who thought that one of the best places for bungee jumping in the world could be found in the heart of South Africa?

This exciting Bridge will give you a real thrill as the site is full of wilderness. Get ready to jump from 216 meters of height.

4. Europabrücke Bridge, Austria

Bungee Jump Europabrücke Bridge Austria

This interlinks Bridge between two countries Italy and Austria, allow you to enjoy the thrilling swing. Don’t forget to take a picture in an upside-down position. These are some of the precious moments of life that should be captured and stored forever, isn’t it?

Have you ever imagined jumping from a hot air balloon? This is another adrenaline-moving stunt that you can perform here. There is a reason why it is called one of the best places to bungee jump in the world.

5. Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

bungee jumping Rio Grande Bridge new mexico

Rio Grande Bridge is an imposing bridge. Jumping from this Bridge and experiencing the beauty of River Rio Grande will be an eternal unforgettable experience in your life.

Bungee fanatics never forget the combination of thrill and beauty. In short, don’t miss this sensational experience.

6. Nevis Highwire

Nevis Highwire Bungee Jumping

The next time you visit New Zealand, don’t forget to do bungee jumping because you’re in the land of adventures. Nevis Highwire is located in the exceptional surroundings of the Southern Alps; this destination is located near the Nevis River Valley.

Falling free from Nevis Highwire will leave your veins pumping with adrenaline. As Nevis Highwire has a glass floor, you can watch your mates’ becoming daredevils. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best bungee jumping spots globally.

7. Navajo Bridge

Navajo Bridge Bungee Jumping

If you research on the internet, Navajo Bridge comes in the list of top 10 bungee jumping spots globally. While bungee jumping on Navajo Bridge, the view of the Great Canyon National Park is unforgettable.
By jumping from more than 140 meters, you’ll scream because of joy and experience the best adrenaline rush. Moreover, there are two different Navajo Bridges situated in the Colorado River.

8. Kaivopuisto

Kaivopuisto Bungee Jumping

Kaivopuisto is one of Finland’s oldest parks and the country’s highest bungee jumping destination. The raw natural beauty covering Kaivopuisto will give a kickstart to adventure junkies.

While you’re at Kaivopuisto, you can try different free-fall jumps from the platforms and even mix cocktails, also known as ‘pub bungee.’ In simpler words, this is one of the best bungee jumping platforms across the globe.

9. Bhote Kosi River

Bhote Kosi River Bungee Jumping

If you require a serious adventure dose, you should book your flight to Nepal and reach the Bhote Kosi River at the earliest. You can free fall from Bhote Kosi River, having a height of over 160 meters. It is also a beautiful spot to make Instagram Reels of your adventurous bungee jumping.

10. Niouc Bridge

Niouc Bridge Bungee Jumping

Why only visit Niouc Bridge only for romantic vacations and chocolates? There’s a lot more to see, including bungee jumping. It is another one of the most popular bungee jumping spots in Switzerland. If you want to become a real daredevil, you must jump from the suspension bridge and set yourself a fantastic bungee jumping record.


Any adventure seeker should not miss the incredible thrill of bungee jumping. Next time don’t forget to check the list of the best places to bungee jumping in the world whenever you plan to visit a thrilling destination. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like James Bond?

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