The best places to go and enjoy ice skating in the world – check out these famous holiday hotspots

Imagine a perfect Winter Wonderland full of exciting outdoor winter activities; how will you describe it? If you are a winter lover and adventure seeker, you must have already included ice skating in your list of activities. Whether you are a hot and delicious cocoa enthusiast in tow, or talented hockey player, or even a figure skating twirler, picking the suitable ice rink from the best places to go ice skating can add more fun to your thrilling experience. That is why we have rounded up the five best places where you can enjoy this superior activity with your whole family. Take a look.

1. Lake Louise

Ice Skating at Lake Louise Banff National Park

Lake Louise is in Banff National Park, Canada. Here you will find the most attractive ice skating in the world. Lake Louise is a frozen water body that converts itself into an ice rink in mid-December. Here you will find Canada’s most famous Rocky Mountains. The whole area surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains will take your breath with its terrific look. The best part is you can enjoy everything for free.

2. Skate

ice skating Somerset House

If you are looking for a cult location, especially in the British capital, you should visit Skate once. The surrounding of Somerset House from the 18th century turned it into a valuable place. This is the place where you can enjoy dancing with your beloved with some chocolate truffles and champaign. Along with figure skating lessons you can enjoy a DJ party as well. The cost starts from £11.

3. Evergreen Lake

ice skating Evergreen Lake

Who doesn’t want to discover the treasures of Denver? You just have to drive for half an hour from this beautiful city of Colorado, USA, to reach the famous Evergreen Mountain. A vast lake can also be found there that transforms into a beautiful ice rink in the winter. You will be amazed to know that this ice rink is one of the largest ones available on earth. $7 is the fee to enjoy this exciting game. The opening time is mid-December and the closing time is the beginning of March.

4. Alexanderplatz

ice skating Alexanderplatz

This one is available in the heart of beautiful Berlin, Germany. You have to reach the main square to enjoy this ice skating rink that has been set up for people like you each year. It’s a family rink that is also the center of attraction during Christmas. You can enjoy grilled almonds, German sausages, and non-alcoholic cocktails every evening, along with skating. The prize is very reasonable, £5 only.

5. The Cosmopolitan hotel

The Cosmopolitan hotel rooftop

The Cosmopolitan hotel roof in Las Vegas, USA, is reserved for ice skating. Apart from enjoying casinos, you can always get into this game in this fantastic rooftop hotel. You just have to visit this place during winter when the swimming pool will turn into the most luxurious ice rink. The average temperature will be 10 to 15 degrees celsius, and the price starts from $100 only.


The urban dwellers that prefer to dive into various winter activities should experience ice skating at least once in their lives. If you are with your partner and looking for the best places to go ice skating to enjoy this beloved outdoor activity, then check out this list and pick the best one according to your preference.

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  • Surendra Singh
    Hey, i liked the places you suggested here and I would like to add Shimla, India as well in the list of best places for ice skating.
    • Trotter It
      Hi Surendra, no doubt Shimla is a beautiful place and one of the best for ice skating. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Reena Jaiswaal
    Ice skating is an amazing game and this list makes me 100 times happy and I want to go ice skating, finally, I decided this year I am going to ice skating at Evergreen Lake. thanks for sharing a list of the best ice skating places.
    • Trotter It
      We're glad you liked the post and it encouraged you to go Ice Skating.
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      Thank you for your suggestions, we’ll definitely review and add your suggested places for Ice Skating in the next update.
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