Top 3 Best Places to lake Trek in Himachal Pradesh

The land of mountains, Himachal Pradesh, is known for its amazing trekking locations. The beautiful state is abode to a number of panoramic mountain towns. Attributing to its geographical conditions, the state has numerous trekking locations.

Due to its panoramic beauty and tranquil ambiance, the Himalayan treks are a major tourist attraction. If you happen to be a trekking enthusiast, you must check out these stunning trekking locations. Get ready to add these places to your personal travel journal app.

1. Bhrigu lake trek

Nestled in the mountains, Manali is a hill station with unparalleled charm. Snow-loaded pines and glorious mountain peaks steal the show. This place has emerged to be a favorite of all the trekkers and mountains as it has a variety of trekking locations that offer an invigorating experience. Bhrigu lake trek stands out among other treks because of the fabulous view of Bhrigu lake.

Situated at an altitude of 4,090m, Bhrigu lake is a crater-shaped lake that lies at the east of the Rohtang pass which is at a height of 3,978m. The trek displays the scenic beauty of the Kullu valley. The alluring view of the majestic hills covered with conifers and apple orchards will bewilder you. Snap the best shots of the serene beauty of Mother Nature as these will be the memories that you will cherish.

2. Kareri lake trek

The fascinating land of Himachal Pradesh is an abode to a number of trekking destinations. Kareri lake trek is one such trekking location that has gained a lot of popularity among trek enthusiasts.
The 3day trail takes you through deep forests that are filled with Chir and Chirgonza pines.

The rocky outcrops and steep uphill climbs make the trail challenging. The alluring view of the Dhaulandar range is enough to enchant anyone. As you drive from Mcleodganj to Ghera village, the scenic beauty of the snow cladded peaks is incredible. The journey further takes you to the remote village of Barnala. Get to know the culture of the small village. The trek encompasses rocky outcrops but the magnificent view of the surroundings makes it easier. Give that adrenaline junkie in you a treat by opting for this stellar experience.

3. Hampta Pass Trek

At an altitude of 4,270m, the Hampta pass links the Kullu valley to the Spiti Valley. This moderately difficult trek enthralls the spirit of all trek enthusiasts. Amidst the majestic hills, the trek takes you to beautiful pastures, dazzling streams, and deep forests of oak and spruce. Starting from Manali, the trek takes you to Chika via Jobra. You can head to the pristine Chandratal to witness Mother Nature at her absolute best. The beauty of the place will leave you stunned.

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