10 Best Places to See Snowfall in India – Don’t Miss These Delightful Gateways

Who doesn’t love to play with snow? What comes to your thought when you imagine playing with snow? It must be a romantic scene from Bollywood movies where the hero and heroine through snowballs at each other and make snowmen in a breathtaking place. Suppose you also want to enjoy this incredible experience and look for the best places to see snowfall in India. In that case, you must visit these delightful top travel destinations where the weather will never disappoint you. If you visit these places in the winter season, you can enjoy the awe-striking view of snowfall with your beloved.

1. Manali

Snowfall in Manali india

When we discuss snowfall, how can we forget one of the best places to see snowfall in IndiaManali? If you are all set to visit Himachal Pradesh and experience snowfall in the beautiful location of Manali, you have to book a hotel in advance in old Manali. You will get this exciting view right from your hotel window. Don’t forget your steaming hot coffee or old monk. Solang Valley is one of the must-visit places for adventure seekers.

Best time to see snowfall in Manali: January to mid-February.

2. Shimla

Snowfall in Shimla India

Our next destination is Shimla in Himachal Pradesh that will never disappoint you. If you want to enjoy snowfall, you have to visit this place from December to February. This fantastic city will surprise you with countless tourists who usually love to visit this place in the winter to witness snowfall. Don’t forget to book your package in advance.

Best time to see snowfall in Shimla: late December to February.

3. Mussoorie

snowfall in mussoorie india

Mussoorie on Mall road Uttarakhand will allow you to witness a good amount of snowfall from your hotel room. This site is one of the best places to see snowfall in IndiaAlong with that, Mussoorie is famous as one of the best honeymoon destinations as well. So if you are getting married in the winter, you should book your honeymoon package early and enjoy snowfall between December to February. Strolling in Mall road is one of the biggest attractions of this place.

Best time to see snowfall in Mussoorie: end of December to mid-February.

4. Auli

snowfall in auli india

Auli is another beautiful place in Uttarakhand that is also famous for snowboarding and skiing in India. People usually fall in love with the breathtaking view of the Himalayas. Cable cars start from Joshimath will help you to reach Nanda Devi, the second tallest Indian mountain.

The snowfall time begins in Auli from January and lasts till February end.

5. Gulmarg

snowfall in Gulmarg india

Winter is not all about making snowballs. Travelers across the world visit Gulmarg in Kashmir to enjoy skiing. This is one of the best skiing destinations as well. The best slopes and the longest projects of cable car have made this place more attractive and outstanding. The peak time is between January to February. Both pro players and beginners can enjoy skiing here with their beloved.

Best time to see snowfall in Gulmarg: December-end to mid-February.

6. Sonmarg


Sonmarg is the oldest gateway to the Silk Road in Jammu and Kashmir that also connects India and China. It is one of the most beautiful valleys of India, covered with white gold. As a result, the Sonmarg valley is also named Meadow of Gold. The astonishing calmness of this valley and the breathtaking views of the Himalayas make it one of the best tourist destinations in Jammu and Kashmir. Around Sonmarg, one can also visit other destinations such as Zoji La Pass, Baltal Valley, and Gadsar Lake.

7. Munsyari


If you haven’t experienced the raw beauty of nature, you must visit Muisyari in the winter. It is the best vacation spot in the entire Uttarakhand. It is located between the mountains and near the riverside.

The best part about Munisyari is enjoying the astonishing views of lakes, glaciers, and snow-covered peaks. Munsyari is situated in the middle of the Kumaon hills; this place is known for its unexplored landscapes and tranquility.

8. Tawang


Tawang is a destination that is fully covered by a thick snow blanket; it also has one of the largest Buddhist monasteries worldwide. The exceptional natural beauty of Tawang makes this destination a perfect tourist attraction to spend winters in India.

The snowfall usually starts in Tawang in November, where the temperatures go down to zero level. Besides Tawang, you can also visit Madhuri Lake, Nuranang falls, and Sela pass.

So, are you excited enough to visit Tawang? Then, pack your bags and enjoy one of the best snowfalls in India.

9. Chopta


Chopta is a beautiful valley that is covered with evergreen forest. This destination is also part of the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary located in Uttarakhand. You can enjoy the raw natural beauty and snow-white gorgeousness at Chopta.

This destination experiences heavy snowfall in the January and February months, making vacationing challenging for travelers. However, these months are the best to visit if you want to enjoy the snowfall. The best and safest route to reach Chopta is through Deori Tal.

10. Lava


Another best place to enjoy snowfall in India is Lava, situated in West Bengal. This offbeat destination is a paradise covered with a thick snow blanket, including the trees. At Lava, you get to experience Mount Kanchenjunga. Besides hiking and snowboarding, you can also do some birdwatching.


If you really want to witness the beauty of snow-capped mountains, delightful vistas, and cold wind in your beautiful hair, you need to check out these best places to see snowfall in India. These serene hill stations will help you make some delightful memories and divine experiences that you will cherish forever.

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