5 Picturesque Places to Visit in Macau in 2022

The city of Macau is close to Hong Kong and the special administrative region of China and it is also known as the Las Vegas of Asia. If you are a lover of casino games and shopping, then Macau city will scintillate your desire. The city has imprints of Portuguese culture as the city was administrated by the Portuguese empire during the mid 16th century and many more attractions. Now, check out the best places to visit in Macau, you must keep in mind when you are visiting Macau for the first time.

5 Best Places To Visit in Macau in 2022

1. Extravagant Casino

When you are in Macau, don’t resist visiting the Casinos, even if you are not interested in playing. The flashy dazzling lights coming from the place would certainly mesmerize you and leave you wondering what is it?

2. Macau Tower

Tower of MacauMacau tower is one of the best spots to visit in Macau and in addition to impressing you with its beauty, the tower offers some thrilling experiences as well. The tower gives a beautiful picturesque glimpse of the pearl river delta and lighting effects during the night. And if you love adventure, then experience the bungee jump here. This is the highest bungee jumping point in the world. It is approximately 200m above the ground.

3. Warner Bros Fun ZoneWarner Bros Fun Zone, macau

This place is for kids but won’t depress even the adult ones. When you are traveling with family, take your kids to Warner Bros Fun Zone leave them in 40,000 square foot playground. The area is packed with characters that children love like Hanna-Barbera, Warner Boss, DC Comics. The place also allows kids to try the actions of comic characters they love.

4. Ferry Terminal

Macau is located 65 kilometers away from Hong Kong. And both cities are connected through a wonderful ferry route. If you are coming to Macau from Hong Kong, then you can try this route. Or if you have landed in Macau directly, try this ride. It is mesmerizing and will give you a thrilling experience.

5. VenetianVenetian

This is the place in Macau that will give you the feeling of being in Venice. The main attraction of the place is the 500,000 sq. ft gaming zone, canals with boat ride facility while beautiful opera music behind, the ceiling has a design that gives it the resemblance of the sky at dusk. Additionally, there are many shopping spots, eating joints and cafes present here.

These are some best places to visit in Macau in 2022 and Don’t forget to share your travel story on the Trotter It app because the Trotter It app is a next-level travel social media app for spirited travelers.

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