5 Places That Must Be In Your Winter Travel List

People’s affair with the cozy bed in winters is known worldwide but do you know that it is also a season that comes with big travel plans! If you had been avoiding excursions in the scorching heat then October-January is the time for you to get started for a great adventure.

Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Winter in India:-

1. Jammu & Kashmir

Mountains, Hills in jammu & kashmir

Any winter trip without including Kashmir in it is an incomplete one. Known for its beauty and coldness in later months of the year, this place is promising if you are looking for winter adventures like Skiing, Ice-Skating, Snow-Camping, and others. Book your tickets to Gulmarg and Sonmarg and put your gears on for the thrilling sports.

2. Shimla

Mountains, Hills in Shimla

Get your hopes high with the tour in Shimla as it has so much to offer to the tourists that also includes snowfall during Christmas in its list. You can find peace in the Mashobra and Summer Hill, ride a horse in Narkanda, spend your day near the Chadwick waterfall and be a devotee in the main city that has religious landmarks.

3. Uttarakhand

Mountains, Hills in Uttarakhand

If Trekking to the snow-capped mountains sounds fun then Kedarnath is the place for you! Keep your heavy woolen clothes ready and get the finest snow boots to walk up the hill while you enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the valley.

4. Jodhpur

fort castle in Jodhpur

Spend your winters in Jodhpur that has amazing activities like Desert Safari, Paragliding, Camel Ride, and Rappel to Rocks. Get into the festive vibes with the famous Folk Festival and savor the drooling famous dishes. Moreover, not too cold and not too hot weather gives you an incredible choice of clothing and grab millions of likes on your stories shared on travel social network sites.

5. Jaisalmer

bada bagh temple in Jaisalmer

Whether you have a deep love for learning a different culture, wildlife, or ancient facts, a trip to Jaisalmer in the month of December serves your purpose. The pleasant weather in the city makes it even more worth wandering around.

No matter what place and the season you choose to pack your bags, plan your trip by knowing the experiences of wanderlust souls like you on the Trotter It app that has amusing stories and tips. Moreover, it also gives you a space to create a Travel Journal that you can share with the world and inspire them to have a memorable trip, store your photos and bookmark the blogs you find interesting. hope you enjoyed reading the best places to visit in winter in India.

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