5 Best Travel Apps in India (2021)

Journeys of thousand miles start with one single step! From the words of Lao Tzu

Thinking of escaping to a tranquil sea beach destination or a hill station for that much-needed break from your mundane routine, so hold on! Not just you need to pack your bags and ward off. There’s a lot more to your travel itinerary than only commutation and hotel stay.

What if, the air tickets seem way too pricey? And the accommodation that you desire isn’t suiting up? Have you ever worried about what to do in an unknown place where you know nothing of it? Well, these are certain aspects which one must consider before simply fancifully leaving off for your sojourn.

In most cases, individuals don’t hold the aptitude and patience to do the much-needed brainstorming or contact travel agents physically. Here, the solution is to scourge your Smartphone. The good news is these days there are numerous credible mobile applications that are dedicated exceptionally towards planning your trip saliently from the scratch.

Some of the Best Travel Apps in India are as follows:

1. Totter It

Trotter It

‘Trotter It’ is like a personalized digital travel journal, wherein, you, as a traveler, can coin your touring experience in the form of enriching content like pics, videos, and written stuff. The best part is like you, there would be many sharing the same which eventually evolves ‘Trotter It’ as a tour guide.

Download the App:

2. Incredible India

Incredible India

This is an innovative evolution founded by our very own Ministry of Tourism, containing a gamut of information pieces pertaining to sightseeing, restaurants, certified hotels, and other appanages and events associated with the tour. Incredible India also shares interesting facts and landmarks marking any city, anywhere in India

Download the App:

3. IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC Rail Connect

Needless to explain that IRCTC is the official Railways’ website launched by the Indian Government for online rail ticket booking, checking PNR status, train routes, and seat availability. All of that is present on your mobile or laptop screen right in front of you. Isn’t that accommodating?

Download the App:

4. Uber/Ola


These are cab service providers connecting almost all major cities across India. Book them right from your phone and your vehicle would be right at your doorstep in minutes. That’s the advantage of this immensely helpful application. Travelers can choose among sedan, mini car, motorbike, and even an auto-rickshaw depending on their requirement.

Download Uber App:

Download OLA App:

5. TravelSpend


If you are a spendthrift and constantly worrying about overshooting your budget, then you can stop here. TravelSpend looks all after your financial over-drifting and helps curtail unnecessary expenses, making you stick to your allocated accounts. You can even split your bills and convert currencies through TravelSpend.

Download the App:


The world of applications is brimming, so choosing the right ones which would eventually turn out to be a boon than a headache is sometimes a hard affair. The above-mentioned applications are some of the best travel apps in India, which are fruitfully working to date.

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