18 Best Travel Apps in India for Passionate Travelers

Journeys of thousand miles start with one single step! From the words of Lao Tzu

Thinking of escaping to a tranquil sea beach destination or a hill station for that much-needed break from your mundane routine, so hold on! Not just you need to pack your bags and ward off. There’s a lot more to your travel itinerary than only commutation and hotel stay.

What if, the air tickets seem way too pricey? And the accommodation that you desire isn’t suited up? Have you ever worried about what to do in an unknown place where you know nothing of it? Well, these are certain aspects which one must consider before simply fancifully leaving off for your sojourn.

In most cases, individuals don’t hold the aptitude and patience to do the much-needed brainstorming or contact travel agents physically. Here, the solution is to scourge your Smartphone. The good news is these days there are numerous credible mobile applications that are dedicated exceptionally towards planning your trip saliently from the scratch.

Some of the Best Travel Apps in India are as follows:

1. Totter It

Trotter It

Trotter It is like a personalized digital travel journal, wherein, you, as a traveler, can coin your touring experience in the form of enriching content like pics, videos, and written stuff. The best part is like you, there would be many sharing the same which eventually evolves ‘Trotter It’ as a tour guide.

Download the App:

2. Incredible India

Incredible India

This is an innovative evolution founded by our very own Ministry of Tourism, containing a gamut of information pieces pertaining to sightseeing, restaurants, certified hotels, and other appanages and events associated with the tour. Incredible India also shares interesting facts and landmarks marking any city, anywhere in India

Download the App:

3. IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC Rail Connect

Needless to explain that IRCTC is the official Railways’ website launched by the Indian Government for online rail ticket booking, checking PNR status, train routes, and seat availability. All of that is present on your mobile or laptop screen right in front of you. Isn’t that accommodating?

Download the App:

4. Uber/Ola


These are cab service providers connecting almost all major cities across India. Book them right from your phone and your vehicle would be right at your doorstep in minutes. That’s the advantage of this immensely helpful application. Travelers can choose among sedan, mini car, motorbike, and even an auto-rickshaw depending on their requirement.

Download Uber App:

Download OLA App:

5. TravelSpend


If you are a spendthrift and constantly worrying about overshooting your budget, then you can stop here. TravelSpend looks all after your financial over-drifting and helps curtail unnecessary expenses, making you stick to your allocated accounts. You can even split your bills and convert currencies through TravelSpend.

Download the App:

6. Aarogya Setu

Aarogya Setu

If you are traveling anywhere in India, installing this app is extremely important. This app by the Government of India permits connection tracing for coronavirus disease. Through the app, you can be informed of any containment zones at your travel destination. Moreover, since the app is also linked to healthcare services, it will also inform you if you are at risk.

Download Aarogya Setu App:

7. Google Translator

Google Translator

Imagine being stuck in a tricky situation because you do not know the language. This app can help you get out of that place easily. With a country as diverse as India, the language barrier can play a spoilsport in your vacation. Thus, if you are traveling to a distant part of the country where you have absolutely no idea about the language, this app comes in extremely handy.

Download Google Translator App:

8. Google Maps

Google Maps

This app can be a lifesaver if you are on a trip to a new place. Thanks to the application, you can easily check out the distance and travel time to any place. Moreover, you can keep a track of the route taken by the taxi driver to ensure you are not being taken for a ride. What’s more, you can even find out hotels, ATMs, restaurants, petrol pumps, etc. on the route. If you wish to avoid heavy traffic, you can look for alternate routes using this app where less traffic can be observed.

Download Google Maps App:

9. FabHotels

Fab Hotels

FabHotels is a popular online hotel booking application form to book and manage your stay at 600 plus hotels across India. You can easily book budget hotels for your business trips, family trips, or leisure holidays with your friends. You also can go on backpacking vacations via the hotel room booking application.

FabHotels promises to offer well-equipped, clean, and spacious hotels with high-speed Wi-Fi, coated stuff, LED TV, and all the necessary electronics.

Download FabHotels App:

10. ClearTrip


With their intelligent and intuitive interface, you can use the ClearTrip mobile application to search, plan, and book your trips faster. With the help of the application, you can book flights or hotels from any corner of the world.

You can use the shortlist feature to save hotels and flights that match your budget and set a fare alert two automatically track the fares of the flights or hotels you are considering. ClearTrip also announced consultants, frequent travelers, and entrepreneurs to benefit from the exclusive cashback feature, free flight changes, lesser cancellation fees, and more.

Download ClearTrip App:

11. AccuWeather


The AccuWeather application is an internationally recognized weather application. The World Meteorological Organization has recognized it. The application is well known for life weather forecasts, local weather reports, daily forecasts, advanced weather radar, and many more.

You can also look 45 days ahead on the application to ensure that you are prepared for any weather. You can use the MinuteCast feature to get life whether updates minute by minute.

Download AccuWeather App:

12. Incredible India Calendar

Incredible India Calendar

The incredible India calendar has been exclusively developed by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The application contains all the main features of a regular digital calendar, making it the perfect planner. You can get all the government-recognized information on festivals and events in India. You can also create personal events and set up reminders.

You will receive regular notifications on upcoming festivals and events, and you can even share your events with your friends and plan together.

Download Incredible India Calendar App:

13. Redbus


RedBus is India’s top online bus ticket booking application. The application offers a convenient and straightforward process to book tickets with various private bus operators and even state RTCs at low costs.
All you have to do is type the source and the destination locations on the application and select your preferred journey date. Then you have to choose from the list of bus operators available on the route. You can use various filters like price, bus type, AC or non AC and reviews. Once you have selected your preferred bus, you must choose the seat and pay. Now you have successfully booked a ticket with Redbus.

Download Redbus App:

14. Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs

Are you looking for a cab at 3:00 a.m.? No worries, Meru cabs offer cab services 24 by 7. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chennai, and Bangalore, you can travel cashless. You can either be in cash or use the multiple UPI methods.

You also have the option to book a local ride, a rental right, or a one-way or return trip outstation ride.

Download Redbus App:

15. Glympse


Glympse is a free, fast, and convenient way to share your real-time location with your friends using GPS tracking. You can send a Glympse to let your friends or family members know that you are on the way. You can also request Glympse from a colleague or friend running late or set up a group for your family reunion. The application is entirely safe, runs in the background, and works anywhere where you have a data connection.

Download Glympse App:

16. Travelkhana


Are you looking to order on the train but not get down at the station? You can download the Travelkhana application, the train food order booking app. You can get good quality train food anywhere in India while traveling. You get to choose from a white range of veg, non-veg, Jain thali, combos, sandwiches, and South Indian snacks.

The application tracks your train’s real-time location and gets your food delivered to your seat while traveling on the train. The train food delivery application is now offering its services across 300 sites in India.

Download Travelkhana App:

17. NaviMaps


NaviMaps is the most accurate car navigation system, trusted by famous companies like Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Mahindra, Fiat. With the help of 3D GPS navigation, you can access interactive maps. You can get detailed maps of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and MapmyIndia that powers the application.

You can also download maps to specific destinations, and the application does not require the internet to function. However, you will have access to live traffic feed, location, and route sharing features with the internet.

Download NaviMaps App:

18. Oyo Rooms

Oyo Rooms

Oyo is India’s best hotel and home booking application. It is the go-to application for the best accommodations during work trips or vacations. In the Oyo hotels, you will be getting the best services like sanitized hotels, vaccinated staff, and sanitization before your eyes.

Oyo offers four types of accommodations; Oyo Homes for holiday homes, Collection O for premium hotels, Oyo Townhouse for smart hotels, and Bellville for vacation homes. The booking process and hotel with the application is easy as 1 2 3, and within no time, you will book a room in a hotel of your choice.

Download Oyo Rooms App:


The world of applications is brimming, so choosing the right ones which would eventually turn out to be a boon than a headache is sometimes a hard affair. The above-mentioned applications are some of the best travel apps in India, which are fruitfully working to date.

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