5 Best Travel Apps 2021 – Smarter Way to Travel

The Best Travel Apps in Your Smartphone Can Be Your Best Travel Guide!

Supposedly, you are a persistent traveler or a quick thought of exploring the hills or beaches is rushing across your mind, then you must be aware that there’s more to it other than simply packing your bags and having money handy. The solid footing under anything and everything incorporates extensive planning and research.

Thorough knowledge of the destination and the best possible way to reach and house there are certain things amidst the mega list that you have to prepare beforehand. Budgeting being the foremost concern most of the time! Again, deviating from the idealistic approach, there are wilful travelers, who whimsically simply prefer to take off, whenever they feel like, without any afterthought. For such people, it’s again a ball game of luck! The trip might end up as an everlasting fulfilling memory or a complete misadventure.

To avoid the latter, these days, individuals resort to mobile apps, which are exclusively meant for planning your trip(s). This facility is not only hassle-free but reduces unnecessary brainstorming that one has to undergo otherwise. Such mobile applications are comprehensively built to budget your choices regarding commutation, (may it be roadways, airways, or waterways), stay, tourist sightings, and so on.

So, you can simply book all that’s necessary for your travel, right from the comfort of your space! Sounds intriguing, right? But, here’s a word of caution, do look out for dubious sites, which might siphon off your finances without your knowledge.

Top Travel Apps 2021

Here’s enlisted some of the best travel apps, which are popular and reliable, which you can use on your mobile:

1. Trotter It (Travel Journal and Social Network)

Trotter It

Trotter It Well, this provision is for those ardent travelers, who wish to share their memories attached to trips in the form of enriching content (pictures, stories, etc.). This will eventually benefit the followers that you hold and the practical experience goes a long way in influencing your travel plans.

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2. Airbnb


This company is like a ‘Mom’s Touch’. It offers an array of choices in accommodation, considering the family as well as loners in the way of individual rooms, couches, entire apartments, all connected with the locals. One can extend a stay till even a month, renting a house or villa. Interestingly, this app connects you with the local hosts, who eventually you through directions, assistance, and tips.

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3. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Image

TripAdvisor presents real-time user reviews, so that being a novice; you can rely on and select the best destinations, flights, hotels, and restaurants.

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4. MakeMyTrip


MakeMyTrip is a comprehensive application, wherein, you can consummate your entire trip, right from booking trains and flights, hotels, cabs, and so on. They also offer seasonal discounts and coupons, which are quite lucrative and make your travel package reasonable in its entirety.

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5. Google Maps

Google Maps

A map of every place you visit should be handy with you, that’s because, in today’s world, safety is a huge concern. Since papers can get misplaced, so Google Maps once installed in your iOS phone and preinstalled in androids, will constantly guide you through every nook and corner you come across. This app is pre-eminent.

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So, forego the harrowing and relentless travel agents, whom you have always approached to date and explore the world of mobile apps. Your travel can never be better than this. So try it!


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