13 Very Useful Travel Diary Apps for Enthusiastic Travelers

There are abundant travel diary apps available nowadays, but the irony is to choose the best. Here, we have collated the list of 13 very useful travel diary apps that you must check out.

1. Trotter It

Trotter It Top & Best travel diary app

You will be amazed at Trotter It when it comes to keeping a digital diary. Trotter It app is a consolidated platform that allows you to document, create, and propagate your travel stories in real-time. You can put up amazing pic that you have captured, and you can also create meaningful content full of life. Trotter It App hosts innumerable possibilities and many powerful features to be explored.

It not only enhances your travel experience but also allows you to keep beautiful and long-lasting memories simply by empowering you to capture even the minute details of your travel time. For any adventure travel, religious tour, or any celebrations or event, it will be your true travel companion. This app will enable you to create and capture mesmerizing content pieces while capturing the exact intensity and nature of events in their true sense.

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2. Day One Journal

Day One Journal Top travel diary app

This app certainly will capture your interests as it enables you to create a huge collection of inspiring events. The free version of this app also allows the users to create manual entries either using fingers or an Apple Pencil, which can be browsed through easily using the timeline, calendar, and photos feature even mentioning the specifics for that outing including weather and temperature conditions, altitude, etc.

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3. Travel Diaries

Travel Diaries top travel diary app

The Travel Diaries App is a great app that features almost everything on the wish list of a traveler. The app’s highly customizable layouts allow the users to write about the place, insert photos, and insert maps that they visited. A user can keep the entries private or make them public by sharing them with family and friends. A unique feature of this app is it automatically converts your entries into a beautiful printable blog to crown your social media handles.

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4. Polarsteps

Polarsteps travel diary app

If you are pretty close to nature and wish to capture every minute detail, then Polasteps is the right app for you. This app will not only automatically track your travel route via road, but also it transforms every journal entry into an amazingly stunning coffee table book appearance. This feature captures countries visited, exact travel time spent, miles traveled, and any pictures that you have taken. It also has mesmerizing layouts.

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5. Bonjournal

Bonjournal Best travel diary app

Bonjournal is a simplistic app that is only available in Apple stores. It boasts of a really simple interface to document the travel experiences of apple users, whether it’s a road trip through Phoenix Valley or traveling to Miami Beach.

Official Website:

6. Minube


Minube is a simple travel planning and organizer app that will help you find the best vacation ideas. The application also allows you to save or bookmark your favorite places and create your travel itinerary and tourist guide. In addition, the app will help you discover some of the best unknown yet beautiful locations worldwide.

The best part of Minube is that after your trip is complete, the app will automatically create a beautiful photo gallery for all the places you have visited.

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7. Grid Diary

Grid Diary

Have you always wanted a journal but did not know where to start from? Then Grid Diary is the perfect application for you. You get swappable proms in a lovely flexible grid format where you can record and reflect on your life’s happening. In addition, you can note down your habits goals and share affirmation and gratitude in the application.

Grid Diary helps record your mood, develop habits, improve productivity and manage stress. You also get to use rich tools like template library, habit check-in, writing reminder, and many more.

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8. Tripcast


Tripcast is an application that allows you to set your travel photos with your acquaintances and with a global audience. It is meant for the people who want to see everything about a place and not just the highlights. You can invite your friends, family members, and acquaintances to the album and give them life photo updates directly from the road to start a trip. In addition, the users can ask questions, post comments, and like pictures on the application.

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9. Wowanders


Wowanders is an intelligent travel diary that makes sure that you never forget the hotels, sights, restaurants, and other places you visit on a specific holiday. You also can browse trips and places shared by other users. Using the application to build a diary while on a trip will automatically select the places you have visited and suggest them to be added to your journal.

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10. Geospike


This excellent travel application allows you to record your travels, share them with your friends and find a way back to the places you have visited. In simple words, Geospike will enable you to build a travel history while on the go.

With the help of this app, you can instantly record the place you are at, attach photos and add notes to your location. Geospike is the best application to capture and share moments while on the go, and you can log a spike given if you are not online.

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11. Diaro


This is a splendid multi-platform diary cum journal cum mood tracker that helps to record your activities. Using the day and sync feature, you can even record appointments, events, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and secrets. Diaro will help you organize your daily journals, notes from the past, and a simple way. The application will preserve your special memories and store your moments and memories.

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12. Diarium


Diarium is the best functional and feature-rich diary for all devices. This application helps you store all your precious memories in one place and will remind you frequently to write down your experiences at the end of the day. In addition, Diarum automatically displays information about your day, making it easier for you to maintain and monitor your journal.

You can also add pictures, videos, come all your recordings, and display your calendar events and fitness info on the application.

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13. Penzu


Penzu is a simple diary cum journal that focuses on your privacy. The application promises a compelling and unique user experience and does online writing and recording intuitively as if you are writing in your diary.

Penzu promises to keep all your thoughts secret, and you can use it to jot down anything whenever you want. You can also lock the application using a pin or password to protect your private thoughts and memories. It ensures that no one learns about your ideas, even if they have your mobile.

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The travel app market is dynamic and getting transformed with the addition of new travel apps with each passing day. The intent is to ensure making travelers’ lives easier. So, if you are getting ready for your next expedition, you must test try the above-mentioned travel diary apps!

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