Five Best Travel Journal Apps for Android

A world of apps is exciting as well as tormenting at times. All seems to be important but the utility value surfaces once you install it on your device and try using them. To distinguish amidst the sea of apps, one needs to be aware of the serviceable and beneficial aspects of any software application.

Best Travel Journal Apps for Android

Here are a few practical travel journal apps for android that are nifty in travel management:

1. Trotter It – Travel Journal & Social Network

Trotter It

Trotter It is like your personal digital diary, where you can record all your experience emerging from your sojourns, to be shared with others. This app allows one to create, document, and regale exciting travel stories. Your tale might be in the form of realistic pictures, live videos or simply enriching literature.

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2. Journey: Diary, Journal

Journey Diary Journal

This application supports throwback entries, PDF exports, fingerprint locks, and reminders. There is also a provision of social media publishing, document exportation, zip back up, and several other fantastic features. Journey assuages a personalized portfolio for users, where you can account for all the favorites and dislikes surrounding your travel.

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3. Diary Book

Diary Book

Perusing play store ratings, this app stands for over 100,000 downloads. One of the most reviewed software applications, Diary Book allows you to export journal contents in the form of pdf and texts envisioned with emoticons, which makes the matter appear expressive. Additionally, this app is securely protected by google drive backup.

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4. Journi Blog

Journi Blog

Record your adventures as beautiful, mesmerizing timeline photos, maps, notes, and more. Relate all your ecstatic experiences into attractive photo books in seconds and get those delivered to the doorstep. Journal Blog can also be used offline as your private travel diary, even when you are on the move. This app comes free of cost.

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5. Pintrace


Journeys (Traces) and visited places (Pins) can all be accommodated in this travel accompaniment (digital diary). You can record each of your trips with embellishing descriptions in the form of images and locations. The in-built statistics section records the countries you have set foot in and displays the same on the world map. Pintrace allows you to create data back-ups and store them on phone memory, uninterrupted by advertisements.

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Download the Best!

These days physically verifying a place or structuring a tour right from the scratch even with the help of a travel agent can be cumbersome and harrowing. So, to avoid all the hassle, and to quick plan a journey from your own comfort space, one can rely on credible travel journal apps for android, which can be comfortably installed on your Smartphone device. But, before deciding on which one to go for, do read through the above-listed ones.

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