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Hi Guys! If you are finding the best travel journal apps for sharing your travel memories online, so check the list below.

List of Top 14 Travel Journal Apps:-

1. Trotter It

Trotter It Top & Best travel diary app

Trotter It is one of the best travel journal apps for travelers where you can share your travel experiences with the world in the form of text, images, and videos. And at the Trotter It, you can find a travel buddy for your next trip. Trotter it app is available on Google Play Store for Android systems.

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2. Jauntlet


On this application, you can share plans and stories about where you will be using the free social travel blogs. In addition, the user can record adventures by collecting information and mapping their Facebook posts, Twitter posts, and Instagram photos. You can also upload multiple images, and Jauntlet will automatically use the time and location of the images to display them on your journal and the travel map.

You can also design your travel journal and photos privately, which can only be viewed by family members or selected people.

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3. Worldee


Worldee is the ultimate go-to travel application. You can get inspired by the various travel stories, plan new adventures, store your experiences, and be part of our community of travelers.

With the trip planner, you can plan your next adventure. You can have places you want to visit in your itinerary, choose a transport medium, and select overnight stay options. You can also select a travel buddy directly from the application if traveling solo.

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4. Luggy – Travel journal


It is an online travel journal where you can sync your photos and your journal for free. You can add places, notes, videos, and photographs to the application. You can add memorable photos to your identity and explain why the destination has impressed you. You can also share your best experiences and travel tips.

Luggy also allows you to synchronize your travel journal and share it with your family and friends anytime you want.

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5. Esplorio


Esplorio offers an easy, smart, and free way to track all your travels and share them with recommendations and friends. You can automatically log into various places you have visited, map your routes, and upload photographs in your private travel journal.

Just download the application and give access to photos. The application will update by itself and save your travel footprints on the go.

It is one of the most energy-efficient tracking applications that can track your parts accurately.

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6. Momento


Momento is an intelligent private travel journal that helps users capture and collect memories to relive and share their life stories. The application helps the users privately secure their moments and gathers information on their daily activities, photographs, and posts. Each moment of your life is carefully organized and crafted into a beautiful journal that stays up to date.

Keeping a digital journal like Momento also improves your mental health, memory, and creativity.

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7. My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal is an excellent application that has been exclusively designed for travel planning and diary keeping for new and experienced travelers. With the application, you can choose dates and organise your trip. You can also add events and activities to specific days with the application. Then, at any time, you can look at the map and plan how to get to the location of your next activity.

You will get a calendar to add and view all your travels and events.

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8. Traverous


The application offers an easy way to track, visit and share your travel members with your friends or colleagues. With Traverous, it becomes easy to track your trips as the application is automated. Once you log in, tap on the record button and tap start just before starting your journey. The application will automatically record your GPS location add photos and videos. The recording process works offline, so you do not need to worry about data consumption.

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9. Travelscape


With Travelscape, you can track your roots and add the locations you have visited. You can also add events and activities to your trips. Make your traveling experience by adding photos, videos, and recorded conversations.

The application lets you track your travel route and remember the locations you have visited. It also adds events and activities to your sites and keeps minute-by-minute records of all the events.

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10. Places Been

Places Been

Do you want to keep track of all the countries and places you have visited in your lifetime? Then Places Been is the perfect travel tracker that allows users to search and mark those places you have visited. These places will be beautifully displayed with the country flag on a map on the application.

You could also create your travel map, make a travel itinerary and get detailed statistics about your travel. The application also tracks cities, villages, national parks, and UNESCO sites you have visited.

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11. Culture Trip

Culture Trip

Culture Trip is your travel buddy for wherever you are and wherever you are going. You can discover nearby recommendations handpicked by global experts and local insiders. You can also plan unique trips suitable for you and quickly book hotels directly from the application.

You can travel inside about a destination and see everything on a handy map. You can also bookmark your favorite travel guides and itinerary ideas and create your wish list for places to stay and must-do activities.

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12. FindPenguins


With FindPenguins, you can easily beautifully track your travels. The application allows you to create a personalized travel journal. In addition, it features a travel tracker, and your mobile phone automatically follows your itinerary. The tracker is battery-saving, works without the internet, detects flights, and more.

At the end of your journey, you can also order a beautiful photo book from FindPenguins. The photo book is automatically and professionally designed with all your stories, photographs, the places you have visited, and even your friends’ comments.

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13. Journo


With Journo, you can create your personalized classic journal. You will talk about your adventures, design your journals, publish your travel story online, and much more on the application. In addition, the application lets you document your memories and experiences on the goal by collecting drawings, images, videos, and maps.

You can also track your travel route on a personalized map, capture beautiful memories and share it with your friends. Even if you do not have internet, Journo will securely store your data in the application.

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14. Wanderlog


Wanderlog is a free-to-use travel application that you can use to plan various trips, road trips, and group travel. You can create your travel itinerary, organize flights, hotel reservations, view places you want to visit, and collaborate with fellow travelers. After completing your trip, you can share your travel guide and adventure stories with other travelers.

The best part about the application is that you can book your hotel flight tickets and plan the entire trip all in one application. It helps you to stay organized.

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I hope you enjoyed reading the list of the top 14 best travel journal apps. Download and use those apps at least once, Thank You…

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