Your Travel Guide For 2022 – Here’s How You Can Plan Your Post COVID Getaways

The world will soon recover from COVID – it’s a definite hope that despite the variants that continue to scare us, traveling to other places can still be managed with proper planning and execution. The idea of a small getaway seems welcoming after the world has been locked up for almost 2 years now. While the entire world continues to heal.

Here’s a Small Travel Guide That Can Help You Plan Some Post COVID Getaways of a Smaller Magnitude

1. Visiting National Parks

Jasper National Park

If you are a wildlife lover, then visiting national parks and sanctuaries where you don’t foresee a lot of crowds to gather can be one getaway to plan. The trip can be planned for just a few days and hence will not demand a lot of spending. In India, Ranthambore National Park or Jim Corbett National Park are places that can be put on your itinerary to visit.

2. Skiing in the Snow-Clad Mountains

ama-dablam, Snow-Clad Mountains
Ama Dablam

With winter that is prevalent in the early times of 2022, especially in the northern parts of India, another quick getaway plan is to spend time among the snow-clad mountains. Skiing is a sport to be tried during your visit and it is sure to keep you entertained. Check with travel social media for reviews on places where skiing and related snow gaming is organized well, and it is safe

3. Visiting Heritage Sites


Tourism needs support, that too when they are recovering from this pandemic. Besides recreational zones where people are sure to the throng, heritage sites await the support of travelers. Hampi, Northeastern India parts like Meghalaya and Assam that are rich in culture and heritage can be your chosen destinations. Your planned getaway can be enjoyed in solitude without mingling with a lot of people and you can enjoy the serenity of the culture that these areas give you

4. Enjoying Backwaters/Beaches

polynesia beach
Polynesia Beach

Summer isn’t very far in 2022. In a few months, when the sun starts to heat up our Indian subcontinent, relaxation mandates being beside water bodies so that you enjoy both the sun and the cool breeze from the waters. Backwaters on the Western coast of South India, and the beaches can be part of your travel list. Ensure that the beaches you chose are safe and follow COVID protocols.

5. Trekking Valleys

mountaineers, Trekking Valleys
Trekking Valleys

The travel guide for 2022 would be incomplete without a trekking plan, especially for hikers and trekkers. A single day of trekking can give you the much-awaited post COVID getaway and it can be quickly planned and executed. Choose picturesque landscapes with small rivulets and waterfalls to make the travel even more enjoyable. Several areas of Uttarakhand are famous for their trekking spots.

Trotter It is a travel social media app where you can connect with travelers of similar interests. By interacting with them, you can make good decisions on your travel plan for 2022 – each of their experience, along with the photos that they post, and share will be the travel guide you need for 2022.

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