The Beauty of Amsterdam of India: Parvati Valley

Often called the Amsterdam of India, Parvati valley is a beauty to behold. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, Parvati valley is studded with snow cladded peaks and beckoned meadows. The air of the place breathes serenity. Interestingly, the alluring valley got its name because of the milky water that flows through the river in Parvati valley. At the conflux of Parvati and Beas River, the Parvati valley steeps down dotted with villages that are home to a rainbow of cultures. Malana, Manikaran, Kasol, and Nakhtan are some of the popular villages in the valley. The hospitality of the villagers aids in the beauty of the journey.

To explore the magnificent yet mysterious landscape of Parvati Valley Himachal Pradesh, all you need is two days. The Kasol to Kheerganga trek is one of the best trekking locations India has to offer. You can begin this journey from the land of hippies, our very own Kasol. It is a soulful village that has become quite popular among the youth. Kasol attracts a number of hippies and gypsies from all over the world. From thrilling treks to deep virgin forests, Kasol is immensely beautiful. Adventure is the word synonymous with Kasol. The stories of the place will be the perfect fit for your travel journal.

From here, you can go to Manikaran Barshiani for an on-foot journey. Our destination, Kheerganga, is just 12 kilometers from here. Journey to the abode of the Lord of the universe will stir you spiritually. You will witness the beauty of nature unfold itself in your ongoing journey.

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The next stop is Rudra nag, a small village more often regarded as a meadow. The rustic feel of the village adds to the refreshment. The most splendid element of the village is the Rudra Nag waterfall. The ethereal descend of this serpent-shaped waterfall in the lush greenery is incredibly magical. As if the beauty of the falls was any less to comfort you, the hot water springs of Kheerganga will bewilder you. A dip in the hot water springs will surely make you forget that the rest of the world even exists. Think of it as a weapon to tackle the extremely cold weather.

Emerge yourself in the scenic beauty of the place and I’m sure it will make you feel more alive than ever. You are lucky enough to spend a night in the magnificent landscape in the laps of the Mighty Mountains. The journey offers you a second chance to encounter the plethora of jaw-dropping sights that you might have missed. If you are visiting the trek in May- June, you can be a part of the biggest psytrance festival in the country called the Parvati peaking festival. The festive vibe of the extravaganza will be perfect for a summer getaway. Take a lot of pictures to add to your travel social media.

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