Weirdest museums of the world every museum lover must visit

When someone mentions the word ‘museum,’ the obvious choices that come to mind are London’s British Museum, The Vatican Museum in Vatican City, and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. But, if you focus only on the famous names, you might miss out on the fun, unusual places that are also worth visiting. We are here to tell you about the weirdest museums in the world where you can encounter some of the strangest things like witchcraft and mummies. Let’s get to know all about the strangest museums in the world.

1. Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures in Paris

As the name suggests, the Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures in Paris is one of the strangest museums in the world. Situated at walking distance from the Pere Lachaise cemetery, this museum is a storehouse of Jacques Sirgent’s research and collections on esoterism and vampirism. It contains antique books, collectibles, and toys relating to Dracula and Hammer Films. If you wish to participate in one of their guided tours, make sure you reserve your spot in advance.

2. Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford

This museum rightly deserves a place in the list of most unusual museums to visit at least once in a lifetime. Named after its founder, General Pitt, who inaugurated it in 1884, this museum has more than half a million items. There are some terrifying shrunken heads, giant-sized wooden birds, and many other weird creatures. So, you’ll find innumerable exciting objects to view and buy here.

3. La Specola in Florence

La Specola, one of the strangest museums in the world, is an unassuming, quiet gallery present within Florence’s Museum of Natural History. If you are in Italy, you cannot afford to leave without paying a visit to La Specola. It has the most extensive collection of wax figures, most of them dating back to the early 18th century. As the museum is located on the bank of River Arno, you can also escape the crowd of Florence to enjoy this peaceful place.

4. Funeral Museum in Vienna

This macabre place attracts tourists from all corners of the world for its uniqueness. Funerals used to be treated as significant events in European countries in the past. So, this place preserves all funeral-related things such as mourning attires, hearses, etc., from hundreds of years ago. The museum’s most stand-out exhibit is a re-usable coffin that Emperor Josef II designed in the year 1784.

5. Torture Museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a lively city with amiable, open-minded people and rich culture. Who thought that this place could hold one of the strangest museums in the world? The Torture Museum had torture devices that were used in Amsterdam during interrogations of criminals at ancient times. Witches, robbers, and political prisoners were tortured using those tools.

6. International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland

Stephen King country serves as the ideal location for the International Cryptozoology Museum. Displaying the Jersey Devil, Big Foot, and several other folklore characters, the museum is famous for its wide range of souvenirs, memorabilia, research materials, and toys. If you wish to witness the Feejee Mermaid or know about coelacanth, this place should be on your bucket list.


If you love to explore the unknown and the strangest things, you should not miss these strangest museums in the world.


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