Top 10 historical places to explore in India

Rich in culture and history, India has some of the most awe-inspiring historical monuments and ancient buildings of the world. Thousands of tourists visit India every month to see the Taj Mahal and other UNESCO sites. Go through our list of the top historical monuments you must visit if you are a lover of history and old ruins.

1. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal historical places in IndiaSituated in the ancient city of Agra and on the banks of the winding Yamuna, the Taj Mahal truly deserves to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his darling wife Mumtaz Mahal, this is a place one cannot afford to miss. After all, this one is listed in the top 10 historical places in India.

2. Red Fort

Red Fort historical places in IndiaA famous World Heritage Site and a breathtakingly beautiful monument, the Red Fort is present at the prime place or the heart of the capital city of Delhi. Its walls are made of red sandstone, giving the building a stunning golden hue during sunrise and sunset.

3. Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple historical places in IndiaIf you visit the holy city of Madurai, you will find the Meenakshi Temple to be the most peaceful place in the city. Despite being a Hindu temple, this place is worth visiting for its excellent architecture and majestic sculptures.

4. Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar historical places in IndiaStanding at an impressive height of 72.5 meters and comprising 379 stairs, the Qutub Minar, listed among one of the top 10 historical places in India, is an embodiment of the talents of Indian artisans.

5. Golden Temple

Golden Temple historical places in IndiaThe religious shrine of the Sikhs, the Golden Temple or Harminder Sahib, is situated in Amritsar. The sacred Gurdwara is adorned with a gilded exterior and rich history.

6. Charminar

Charminar historical places in IndiaA trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without a visit to the Charminar. This striking mosque with four minarets was constructed as early as 1591AD and existed to be the most recognizable structure of the city of Nizams.

7. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal historical places in IndiaThe pink city of Jaipur is also listed in the top 10 historical places in India. This place is full of wonders that attract travelers from all corners of the world. Built of pink and red sandstone, the Hawa Mahal is an enormous five-storied building and undoubtedly the most prominent landmark in Jaipur city.

8. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace historical places in IndiaMysore Palace, the pride of Mysore, is the most popular tourist spot in Mysore. The best time to experience its true beauty is after sunset when sparkling lights illuminate the entire palace. Known as the ‘City of Palaces,’ Karnataka, one of the top 10 historical places in India, has many other palaces built by ancient emperors.

9. Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa historical places in IndiaSanchi Stupa is a massive dome, also known as the Great Stupa. Constructed by King Ashoka, this is one of India’s most ancient stone structures and Buddhist monuments.

10. Gateway of India

Gateway of India historical places in IndiaEven if India’s Film City is famous for Bollywood and its actors, Gateway of India is still the greatest tourist attraction in Mumbai. Also famous as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, this beautiful structure was constructed to remember Queen Mary and King George V’s iconic visit to Bombay.


We hope you delightfully enjoyed going through our list of the most magnificent ancient ruins and historical places in India. So, when do you plan to visit next these top 10 historical places in India?

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