Top 10 most beautiful lakes of the world

The total number of lakes in the world exceeds 117 million. So, if you want to know which ones you should include in your bucket list, your quest ends here. We will tell you all about the most awe-inspiring top 10 lakes in the world.

1. Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake in Oregon top 10 lakes in the worldThe deepest lake of America is famous for its blue waters and serves as a much-preferred tourist destination. You can plan a day trip to Crater Lake and click some memorable pictures of the surroundings.

2. Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia top 10 lakes in the worldLake Tahoe is a place that needs no introduction as it is a famous tourist attraction in California. The red lagoon offers the lake’s shallow water a unique rusty hue, and if you’re lucky, you can spot flamingoes here.

3. The Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea in Jordan top 10 lakes in the worldthe Dead Sea is the saltiest spot on the planet and offers breathtaking views. If you are in Jordan, you cannot afford to leave the place without paying a visit to the Dead Sea that is receding fast.

4. Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand

Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand top 10 lakes in the worldQueenstown is a heaven for adventure lovers and the birthplace of the famous adventure sport, bungee jumping. Lake Wakatipu, recognized as one of the top 10 lakes in the world, is also ideal for paragliding, hiking, and sky-diving.

5. Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal in Russia top 10 lakes in the worldThis ethereal water body in Russia’s Siberia is the oldest lake in the world. It is also the planet’s deepest lake, containing almost 20 percent of the world’s freshwater reserve. It is so clean that you can see up to 130 feet below the surface in summer. But in winter, it transforms into a frozen wonderland.

6. Lake Pichola in India

Lake Pichola in India top 10 lakes in the worldRudyard Kipling has rightly remarked about Lake Pichola: “see it and die.” Once you lay your eyes on this beauty in Udaipur, you’ll be mesmerized.

7. Lake Como in Italy

Lake Como in Italy top 10 lakes in the worldSurrounded by sprawling villas and romantic promenades, Lake Como continues to allure travelers from near and far. Who doesn’t fancy a cruise across this stunning lake?

8. Lake Tahoe in California

Lake Tahoe in California top 10 lakes in the worldLake Tahoe looks magnificent in every season due to the surrounding lush greenery and sandy beaches. There are secluded beaches to chill with your partner. It is also a paradise for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers.

9. Inle Lake in Myanmar

Inle Lake in Myanmar top 10 lakes in the worldMyanmar is full of wonders to soothe the eyes and satisfy every traveler’s soul. This place is not all about monasteries, stone pagodas, and ancient ruins that have stood the test of time for centuries. Inle Lake is a must-visit place while you are in Myanmar.

10. Moraine Lake in Canada

Moraine Lake in Canada top 10 lakes in the worldEven if Lake Louise is the most visited lake in Canada, we have a hidden gem for you. Leave Lake Louise’s crowd behind and drive deeper into the Banff National Park to reach Moraine Lake, a place of unmatched natural beauty with its turquoise waters, sparkling waterfalls, and surrounding mountain ranges.


Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Lake Bled in Slovenia, Pehoe Lake in Chilean Patagonia, and Lake Hiller in Australia are some other picturesque top 10 lakes in the world. You’ll not find these lakes on the list but are worth visiting.


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