Most wonderful wildlife sanctuaries to explore around the globe

More ethical compared to zoos, the wildlife sanctuaries aim to give animals comfortable and natural surroundings. They also provide wildlife lovers a chance to see exotic and ferocious animals in their natural habitat. Here is a list of the top 6 world’s best wildlife sanctuaries promising an interesting, uplifting, and educational experience to its visitors.

1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

It was established in the year 1927. This sanctuary is in Brisbane and is the largest and oldest rescue center for koalas. A beautiful woodland reserve, the place generously provides a home to kangaroos, platypus, and various Australian bird species. You’ll be amazed to see how quickly the koalas move during lunchtime.

2. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary

One of the world’s best wildlife sanctuaries, Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, is located in Thailand’s northern region. The founder is Katherine Connor, an Englishwoman, and an ardent animal lover. While tripping across Asia, she spent some time volunteering at an Elephant Hospital in Thailand and forming a solid friendship with a baby elephant. She postponed further travel plans to save her friend from being sold to a tourist show. Sadly the elephant passed away, but Katherine sold all her possessions and set up the sanctuary in his memory. So, visiting this place is definitely going to be a rewarding experience for anyone.

3. Chengdu Moonbear Rescue Centre

Jill Robinson is the founding father of Chengdu Moonbear Rescue Centre, one of the world’s best wildlife sanctuaries. Learning that thousands of black bears were being brought up in a factory farm (meant to slaughter them for medicine), he campaigned tirelessly for years and finally established the rescue center in 2000. It was a moment of great victory as the Chinese authorities were compelled to set free 500 bears. Visit this place to witness with your own eyes how the bears enjoy freedom here.

4. Noah’s Arc

Noah’s Arc offers a home to unwanted and abused children, orphans, and animals. The center thrives only on donations from guests and the common public. You’ll find both wild animals and domesticated ones here under one roof.

5. Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary

If you are in Borneo, you cannot afford to leave without paying a visit to Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, one of the world’s best wildlife sanctuaries. This place is the home to orphaned orangutans.

6. Animal Kingdom

Situated in the Philippines, the Animal Kingdom Foundation rescues dogs and saves them from becoming victims of a gruesome fate. After knowing that thousands of street dogs are slaughtered every day in the Philippines to sustain the meat trade, Veterinarian Samaniego and Greg S. Quimpo, an animal advocate, cofounded this charity to provide shelter to abused and abandoned dogs. If you are a passionate dog lover, you may visit this place and adopt one.


The Donkey Sanctuary, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and the Vervet Monkey Foundation are some other wonderful world’s best wildlife sanctuaries created to protect endangered species and conserve wildlife. Here is an interesting fact about sanctuaries: the total number of wildlife sanctuaries on the planet is 510, 441 of which are situated in Manipur, a northeastern state of India.

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